Overheating Analysis for Greater London Authority (CIBSE TM49)

Overheating risk analysis for buildings in Greater London Authority follows CIBSE TM52 methodology but uses the weather scenarios specifed in CIBSE TM49: Design Summer Years for London

CIBSE TM49 Weather Scenarios

DSY1 (Design Summer Year) for the 2020s, high emissions, 50% percentile scenario

DSY2 – 2003: a year with a very intense single warm spell.

DSY3 – 1976: a year with a prolonged period of sustained warmth.

Compliance Measures of TM52

Criterion 1 - Hours of Exceedance

Criterion 2 – Daily Weighted Exceedance

Criterion 3 - Upper Limit Temperature

Compliance Requirements of TM52

In TM52, a room or building that fails any two of the three criteria is classed as overheating.

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