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An Energy Performance Certificate is required for a every non-domestic or commercial building when constructed, sold or let. An EPC informs potential occupiers, tenants or buyers about the energy performance of a building. The EPC enables them to consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision.

An EPC must be accompanied by a recommendation report which provides a list of measures on how the energy efficiency of the building can be improved. The recommendation report also shows an indication of the payback period for each of the measures.

An EPC is valid for up to 10 years and is registered and stored on a national EPC database, enabling all potential lessees or purchasers to review the rating.

EPC for new

EPC for new buildings are usually done as part of SBEM calculations. The EPC rating for a building can be calculated using an approved software. An EPC rating is based on the specifications of the building fabric and the building services such as heating, ventilation and lighting.

EPC for Existing
Commercial Buildings
& Extensions

Existing commercial buildings that are up for sale, lease or rent are also required to have an EPC. Some conversions and extensions may also require EPC. The procedure for these is similar for new buildings but usually starts with a site visit to capture the building specifications and dimensions. The approved software is also used to calculate the EPC rating for the building.

Our Qualifications

Top Level Accreditation

We are qualified up to Level 5 for EPCs which is the highest level of accreditation in the industry. This means we can carry out EPCs for buildings of any complexity.

Industry Leading Software

We are qualifed to use IES Virtual Environment Software, a 3D package, which is the most regarded in the industry. Our proficiency with the software enable us to create accurate EPCs.

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