What is an Energy Statement?

To further reduce carbon emissions from buildings, most local authorities are requiring developments to include more energy efficiency measures above and beyond the compliance requirements of building regulations. An Energy Statement is document that demonstrates how to achieve the additional requirements.

Energy Statements for Bristol City Council

We can provide Energy Statements for BCC policies BCS13, 14 and 15

Policy BCS13 sets out that development should contribute to both mitigating and adapting to climate change, and to meeting targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Policy BCS14 sets out that development in Bristol should include measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy use by minimising energy requirements, incorporating renewable energy sources and low-energy carbon sources. Development will be expected to provide sufficient renewable energy generation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from residual energy use in the buildings by at least 20%.

Policy BCS15 sets out that sustainable design and construction should be integral to new development in Bristol. Consideration of energy efficiency, recycling, flood adaption, material consumption and biodiversity should be included as part of a sustainability or energy statement.

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Energy Statements for London Boroughs

WE can provide Energy Statements for compliance with London Plan Policy SI 2 and the specific requirements of borough councils.

We can provide energy statements to demonstrates how the predicted carbon dioxide emissions of a proposed development will be reduced by the required percentages compared with a current Building Regulations Part L compliant building as required by the London Plan Policy SI 2 and specific London borough requirements.

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